Topaz Talisman“By organic, I mean [an art form] that develops from within, outward-  in harmony with the conditions of its being, as distinguished from one that is applied from without.”                                                                                 – Frank Lloyd Wright

“…startlingly vivid and singular pieces, at once cultivated and rough.”
- Review from Lifestyle.MSN.com

Tula Gems honors the natural essence of every gemstone. Each one is hand-hewn and rendered with its own “intention” in mind. Artisan and jeweler Josie Hannah Schmidt  believes that what a traditional gem cutter would consider a “flaw” often enhances the aesthetic and energetic properties of her stones.
“A crack creates a rainbow of color within clear sunstone. A beautiful piece of aquamarine studded with black tourmaline has its own lovely synergy,” she offers by way of illustration. “Black tourmaline is known for its cleansing properties-  it can greatly enhance another gemstone in which it is found, rather than being viewed as a flaw. I believe in trusting the soul of the stone, in honoring its natural properties and respecting its form rather than trying to force it into a ready template. As a result, I felt limited within the gem world, where precious and semi-precious stones are usually placed within traditional settings, and anything superfluous to a standard cut is pared away and discarded.”
Tula Gems represents a bridge between the lapidary world and the realm of artisan jewelry. Schmidt works with a vast array of individually chosen stones and proprietary blends of precious metals. The result is a range of unique pieces reflecting a respectful collaboration between Schmidt and the natural world: an aesthetic that’s rough-edged and refined, polished and jagged, fiery with color and elegantly configured, often in ways that permit a range of presentations. Each work of wearable art is like no other.
Tula Gems is based in Portland, Oregon. Josie Hannah Schmidt welcomes the opportunity to hold in-house consultations and create custom pieces.