Tulagems Policies

TulaGems is a small, artisan company.  Our mission is to create beautiful hand crafted adornments with natural, rough and raw gemstones. The majority of our stones are literally one-of-a-kind, hand picked by Josie and Jerry.  We sort through hundreds to thousands of stones to find our few.  Our chosen stones have highly specific characteristics.  We value the individual shape and contour of each stone, as well as interesting energetic properties, inclusions, and “flaws”. We use very few beads or stones that we have not fashioned ourselves from rough gem material.

Natural, untreated and treated gemstones are not static- they are alive with energy and respond to their environment:  they continue to grow in their crystalline form, they absorb and release moisture and heat, they are sensitive to light and pressure and their atoms are always in motion. One can understand, then, how gems have a certain sense of unpredictability.  Natural gemstones have been known on occasion to release internal pressures, suddenly creating fractures or breaking without obvious provocation. Kunzite and Hiddenites can fade in direct sunlight. Opals in general are very finicky- they react to moisture, heat, light, and pressure. We specifically recommend that opals are not worn in water, or left in direct, hot sun.

TulaGems embraces both the strengths and the weaknesses of real gemstones, and we endeavor to work within the strictures of each stones true nature. Occasionally, however, we come across a stone that is so outstanding, but requires some form of stabilization for the purpose of jewelry,  we do embrace the help of additional treatments. We will disclose any and all forms of stabilization treatments we use in the items description and any other we are aware of used by a third party. We will do everything possible to give our customers an accurate and complete description of the item they are purchasing, if we miss something we are not liable and will do our best to correct all unknown issues. If you have any questions about our jewelry contact us before ordering.

Understanding the individual and delicate nature of natural gemstones, our policy regarding gemstone replacement is as follows:

Please read, understand, and agree to these polices before ordering any item.

We have a 14 day replacement/repair guarantee for our gemstones. We will replace or repair a gemstone free of charge that has incurred “natural breakage”, but not necessarily one that has been “mishandled”. Gemstones are meant to be handled with reasonable care. They most certainly can break if dropped onto hard surfaces such as concrete. This would be an example of “mishandling”. Our intention is to provide customers with a reasonable exchange for gemstones which occasionally break for unpredictable reasons, i.e. “natural breakage”. We have found that when this does occur, it is generally from the release of internal pressures due to our work on the stone. Normally this happens during the work process; however, we have found that occasionally it can take a few weeks for a break to emerge. If you find your stone broken, we will replace your gemstone with another gemstone of comparable value (or repair it when possible). Gemstone breakage that occurs after 14 days from receipt of purchase is subject to replacement or repair costs. Due to their true individuality, most of our stones are irreplaceable- however, we will work with you personally to attempt to find a new stone that meets your satisfaction. We inspect all jewelry we sell with a 10x microscope, to insure it leaves our shop as advertised, we also take pictures of each of our pieces so if a customer does have a mishap we can recreate as close as possible the original look of the piece.

All returns require TulaGems authorization, this means contacting us and making us aware of your concerns, so we can suggest the best path to follow to solve any issue.

Any item/items being returned must be insured for its full invoiced value stuff may get broken, lost, and stolen during the mailing process so protect yourself as the buyer and us as the seller, whether this is a repair or a return.

If you are asking for a refund the item/items must be in unworn, unaltered, undamaged condition, this will be determined by the pictures we have of the item/items included on the original invoice/sales slip “which must be included” with the item/items being returned.

We will refund your complete purchase price “not including the original shipping/handling and insurance costs incurred by us.

This means when if we shipped the item for free we incurred a cost,

This cost “will be deducted” from your refund.

These are basic industry wide standard policies for most all jewelry businesses.

We value our customers and we are interested in having great customer service, if you are concerned in any way about our policies contact us so we can address your concerns before placing your order with us.

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time, so check our policy page before ordering.