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Oregon Butte Opal Earings

Variations of Oregon Butte Opal with 14 K Gold. This Opal is similar to Mexican Fire Opal, but comes from a particular location in Oregon that is no longer being mined. Light moves throughout this Opal in a very unique way- rather than generating fires of red and green, this Opal moves through variations of translucence to opaque in hues of gold, brown, white, yellow, and crystal clear with parts of its mother rock, called matrix, mixed in. Earrings measure approximately 3".

Opal assists in the illumination of Intuition and connection to the Higher Self. It can be used to help stimulate and inspire the development of one's metaphysical process, as well as meditative and channeling states. It also helps one to recognize and feel the creativity within the self, providing inspiration, imagination, and the release of inhibitions.



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