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Tula Tourmaline Ear Drops

Bi-colored Natural Blue-Green Tourmaline "drops" on our textured 12kt white gold ear wires. Bi-colored Tourmaline is indeed rare and quite special, especially when we get such a clear demarcation of color shift from blue to green. Earring hangs 3"; Bi-Color Tourmaline drops 8.67 carats total weight.

We hand texture these ear wires made from our custom "Butter White" 12kt gold alloy- a warm hued white gold made of pure precious metals (50% 24kt gold and 50% .999 fine silver); the chains are 14kt yellow gold. The "drops" are drilled natural stones that allow for a customized earring: they are removable and interchangeable: one can purchase additional pairs of stones and swap the drops for any and all occasions. Drops are facet grade gemstones sold by the carat.

Bi-colored Blue-Green Tourmaline helps to activate, open, and attune ones energies between the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye chakras. It helps to strengthen ones skills associated with communication, psychic awareness, and service towards humanity. Bi-colored Tourmaline's in particular are known as "gateways" to the inner self and the higher self.

Currently Unavailable- Please call for custom order