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Blue Sapphire Gold “Buddha” Necklace

"Serenity shall not be tempted by Maya"

A 2.5 mm Blue Sapphire sits within a 24kt gold hand formed "Buddha" necklace. This piece invokes the moment of Realization- one can see Buddha within...attaining Enlightenment amidst illusion. Pendant measures 1 cm tall and is removable from chain. The Chain can also stand alone. It is our 15.5 inch .9 mm blackened woven sterling silver Continuous Chain with brushed sterling silver friction tube clasp - a wonderful "vehicle" for other pendants or independent beads and gem "drops".  Any pendant or bead with a hole of 1.25mm will fit this chain.

Blue Sapphire represents the Realized consciousness within. It is known to aid one in releasing blockages which restrain one from the spiritual path. Blue Sapphire is also known for its ability to assist in healing all parts of the body, as well as having a particular affinity for the throat chakra and opening ones ability for communication. In Buddhism, the Blue Buddha is the symbol of healing and medicine.



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