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Chrome Diopside with Koiroit Opal Necklace

A stunningly perfect gem of Chrome Diopside - only we would choose not to facet it...

Natural Green Chrome Diopside with Koiroit Australian Opal and 24kt gold accents of a nugget and hoop on 14kt gold chain. The necklace hangs 22" to the bottom of the longest piece. The Chrome Diopside approximately measures 1/2", and the Koiroit Opal approximately measures 3/4".

The Necklace of Success~ Green Chrome Diopside has an affinity for the mind, stimulating and enhancing ones intellect, as well as helping one to understand better the duality within the self. Koiroit Opal, with its striking Fire within the brown ironstone matrix (mother-rock), is an excellent stone to help with progress, expansion, and development in ones life. It is known to bring mental and emotional balance, calmness and clarity, during times of stress and decision making.



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