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Garnet Flower Ring

A .20 ct "Round Brilliant" Faceted Cinnamon colored Spessartine Garnet in a substantial 24kt gold hand crafted signature "Flower" setting. The 14kt Rose Gold, 1.5mm square band has a unique Matt finish with a delicate sparkle.  This lovely stone pops with intense color out of our 24kt flower setting.  Size 7

Garnet is known as~ "the stone of health" as well as "the stone of commitment".

When one is attracted to Spessartine Garnet it is an indication that the consciousness is ready to absorb and assimilate the higher levels of inner growth, balance, and awareness.

It has also been used to assist in the treatment of lactose intolerance and deficiencies in calcium metabolism.

(Due to this ring being custom hand fabricated, re-sizing can be complex- please email your size for quotes.)



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