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Pink Sapphire Ring

A 2.44 ct. Natural African (Bubblegum) Pink Sapphire is nestled in a White Gold bezel setting. This beautiful stone reflects a full light return, enhanced by the white gold beneath. Our special alloy of  "Butter White" 12kt gold  is a warm hued tone made of pure precious metals (50% 24kt gold and 50% .999 fine silver).  The band is 3.5mm polished half round. size 71/2

Unique color (rare with this much intensity) and the only one we've ever had, this color, together with this unique setting, creates a exciting mix of custom wearable art and design, again one of a kind.

Sapphire is known as "the stone of Prosperity".  Sapphire brings lightness, joy, and peace of mind to its wearer. It helps to rid one of unwanted thoughts,  opening ones mind to intuition and beauty. Pink Sapphire is associated with the heart chakra and its focus on issues of self and universal love.

(Due to this ring being custom hand fabricated, re-sizing can be complex- please email for quotes.)




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